Great Barrier Reef

Wayne S. Abraham - PADI Course Director

Wayne was certified as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) in Auckland,       New Zealand in August 1988. Then in August 1992, at PADI Headquarters in the USA, Wayne became a PADI Course Director.

Two days after completing my PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor examination, I went into the dive shop I worked for, Junction Ski & Underwater in Greenlane, Auckland, NZ. The Training Manager, Roger was talking to one of the full-time instructors, Mike in his office, I walked in all smiles and happy. Mike turns and congratulates me on my success over the weekend, then turns to Roger, and says Wayne could teach the course, it would be good for him to start straight away. Roger frowned, but agreed, which meant that I was going to start my first PADI Open Water Diver Course tomorrow night at 6pm. It turns out that the full-time instructors had to teach evening courses as part of their job, Mike had side stepped a course he should really have been teaching, and Roger didn't have the heart to force Mike in front of me. I did not care, I was going to be teaching a course tomorrow night, yahooooo - I think. 

No one gets there alone, and no one gets out alive!!

Before I started my Instructor Training process, Roger our Training Manager and a Part Time Instructor Simon (Marine Biologist) spent alternate evenings with me after hours, practicing teaching in the classroom, and I was terrible! I thank them both for their patience and understanding, in getting me ready for PADI Instructor Training.

At Junction Ski & Underwater, the Training Manager, Roger would introduce the Instructional Team to each starting class and leave them to it. So, Roger welcomes the students to our shop and then says, this is your Instructor Wayne, and his assistant is Ian - you are in good hands and have a great course, then walks out of the classroom and shuts the door. The twelve (12) students all looked at me waiting, I nearly fainted right there. Ian and I had worked together a lot as PADI Divemaster's and were good friends, and still are to this day, he was also looking at me. The silence seemed to go on forever, then finally I started by staying "Hi Team, my name is Wayne and welcome to your PADI Open Water Diver Course". Over the years I have said that same thing literally thousands of times on all different levels of PADI courses, but by golly I will never forget that first ever class. Check out the class photo in "Evolving Gallery" top left, so scary and fun. 

If you dream it, you can make it a reality, not me!!

Not in a million years did I ever think or dare to dream of becoming a dive instructor and being able to travel the world, let alone teaching Instructors! Watch this space, Team.  

I am going to explain how I got to where I am, in written form and also in video clips. This is to show you, that if I can get here, then you can too. I have worked hard, watched and listened, and worked hard, because this hasn't come easy for me, but Damm have I enjoyed it. I am very experienced as a Diver, Dive Instructor, Instructor Trainer, Dive Manager, Boat Skipper, Project Manager and Underwater Camera Man and I love every part of what I do. I grew up in a poor part of town (Otara, Auckland, New Zealand), in a single parent environment and it was tough, like everyone else around us. I am the oldest of three children and I have experienced some terrible things in our house. The shining lights in my life were my Grandparents, Nana and Rocky, my mother's parents. Without them, I don't know what would have become of me.