Scuba Diving Adventure

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.  Benjamin Franklin

I remember when I breathed underwater for the first time, in Auckland, New Zealand. Unbelievable! - I was hooked. In the ocean was awesome, but scary. Damm, did I stick close to my instructor, on all the dives - I wanted more of this, diving thing...

My wife and I had just brought our house and had been in it for six months, so we had a lot of spare money. Two weeks after my course, I dragged my wife into the dive shop, to show her how cheap this dive package was. She said (bless her), "Wayne, buy this dive gear and in six months' time, it will be gathering dust in the bottom of the wardrobe." She didn't know and nor did I, where this dive gear was going to take me and my life. I am a Tradesman Carpenter (builder), I got a "leave pass" from her to do cash jobs on the weekends, she got half the money to spend on the house, and I got the other half for diving. Three weeks after my course, I had dive gear!!! 

PADI Open Water Diver

The foundation course of all dive courses, you learn more than you thought you were going to, about diving and yourself. You really want someone who is well versed in diving and teaching diving, not someone who is having fun travelling the world or until they find their real career path.  

PADI Dive Career Counseling

There are lots of courses available, all are fun, and you will certainly learn and improve in your diving ability. If you are considering a career in Scuba Diving, there are a couple of paths to get you there, that are better than others. Do Not, just buy what is offered, understand the best path to get there. Choose wisely with good advice.  

PADI Digital Underwater Photo & Video

Photo and Video underwater, is so fun, but the results you want, take time. You need an underwater camera, or underwater video, but still need to pay the rent, and eat a little. How can I get the marine life to stay still and get my shot for Instagram. Experienced guidance, and simple techniques. 

Private Dive Tour Guide

Your guide for the day or the week, or more. To join you on a regular charter trip, an experienced Instructor to make sure everything is in place for an enjoyable day, then dive with you. Your guide can easily, plan and organize a private charter boat for the day or longer, and then dive with you. It's better than being in a group of 8 - 12 divers, led by a fun-loving traveler.